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Travis  Stolcis

Travis Stolcis

Financial Planner

Travis is the founder of Belle Financial, where he takes charge of asset management, counseling and advising clients, and assisting them with their cash management, insurance, investment, retirement, tax planning, and estate planning concerns. He serves as his clients' personal CFO by addressing their plans holistically and working through their short and long-term goals. Travis has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and considers himself wired to be independent and self-employed. It's no surprise, then, that this is the perfect role for him.

Travis has been in the financial services industry for over a decade, including experience at large financial institutions like AIG Retirement Advisors and MetLife. Even after all that time, he still loves his job and going to work every day. He has a genuine interest in the field of personal finance and financial planning and shares this passion with his clients in all that he does. He enjoys getting to spend time with his clients, exercising both his analytical and people-person muscles, and educating his clients on their financial decisions. Through his work, he is able to have a high impact on their lives. Travis has been selected to work as a local SmartVestor Pro and is currently serving Dave Ramsey listeners in the greater Spokane Market.

When not in the office, Travis enjoys spending time with his wife and three girls, going to and watching sporting events (especially Seahawks games and Gonzaga University basketball!), and serving at his church. Travis' faith is an integral part of his life and he enjoys continuing to develop it (fun fact: he played in a Christian rock band and co-wrote 3 CDs!)

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