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Retirement Plans for Businesses

Most employers understand the need to help themselves and their employees achieve a successful retirement.

Today, with only 35% of the required retirement income available from Social Security1, people recognize the need to accumulate additional resources for retirement. Numerous tax-advantaged plans are available to help people pursue their retirement savings goals, and many employees expect employers to offer a retirement savings program.

Our retirement plan specialist will review your company objectives, and help you design an appropriate retirement plan, considering:

  • Owner/management needs
  • Employee demographics
  • Fiduciary responsibilities
  • Plan costs
  • Investment options
  • On-going employee educational needs
  • Services

So, whether your needs are to establish a new plan, or to improve an existing plan, consider our capabilities:

  • Plan Co-fiduciaries, working in the best interest of the client
  • Independent advisors
  • Education specialists; preparing your employees for retirement
  • Flexibility in plan design assistance; addressing your unique needs
  • Deep wealth management experience; providing open architecture investment choices
  • Affiliations with retirement plan industry leaders
  • Plan review: design, costs, services, investments

1 Based on $69,000 annual salary, 2011 Guide to Social Security, 39th Edition